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The exhibition space of Pizana Gallery in “Ksenija” building has become a recognizable place for casual gathering of art lovers. It is a point for live communication among the residents of Porto Montenegro luxurious marina, the collectors and cultural institutions.

This year, the Pizana Gallery shall host the renowned Montenegrin artists and their works: Momčilo Macanović, Roman Đuranović, Svetlana Dragojević, Biljana Keković, Tijana Gordić, Nikolina Zuber, Nina Vukčević, Sonja Đuranović, Nada Kažić, Željko Reljić, Ljiljana Kolundžić and many others.

In June, the gallery will present the master degree exhibition of the academic painter from Kotor, Svetlana Dragojević.

Communication with creative potential, including of art forms in everyday life and its creative articulation, shall be modus vivendi of this exhibition space.

The owner believes that art has the power to change things for the better and she expects that, with professionalism and dedication, she will succeed in her intention to contribute the development of Montenegrin art scene. 


Monday-Sunday: 17.00-23.00;


Ksenija building | Village Map ref. #65


Mobile: +382 (0) 69 021 882

E-mail: galerijapizana@t-com.me
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pizanagalerija

Website: www.pizana.me