Luxury hotel room

Luxury hotels in Montenegro

These luxury 5-star hotels in Porto Montenegro are acclaimed as the best hotels in Montenegro. Choose the most suitable luxury hotel in Montenegro, enjoy additional services and activities, and indulge in the holiday of your dreams.

Best luxury hotels in Montenegro

Regent hotel in Montenegro

The luxury Regent hotel sits on a palm-fringed shore in Tivat, overlooking the village’s vibrant marina which buzzes with the glamour of Europe’s sailing elite. This Venetian-inspired retreat is underpinned by friendly Montenegrin service and is home to chic restaurants and bars. The Regent Hotel is a premier destination for those seeking an upscale retreat in Montenegro.

  • Nautically-themed rooms & suites
  • Fine dining restaurant, bars & cafés
  • Signature Spa & wellness
  • Inviting indoor & outdoor pools

SIRO hotel in Montenegro, Tivat

The SIRO Boka Place hotel (located in Porto Montenegro, Tivat) offers an immersive lifestyle experience that reimagines how you sleep, eat, move and live. Become the best version of yourself through SIRO’s innovative blend of wellness, nutrition and restorative experiences.

Opening in 2024.

  • Holistic wellbeing hotel
  • Advanced sports & fitness
  • Recovery Lab
  • Mindful dining restaurant

Branded residences - 5 star hotels in Montenegro

Experience the seclusion and privacy of a luxury apartment, with the facilities and services of a leading hotel brand. The Regent hotel and SIRO Boka Place offer a portfolio of elegant branded residences available for purchase in.

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