A success for Boka – Niche hand painting of sails

Even during lockdown last year, creativity and entrepreneurship found its way to the surface on Boka Bay’s shores.

Michael Neundlinger, founder of Nirvana Yachting, a charter company based out of Porto Montenegro, approached local artist Jana Farkas with the challenging task of painting his unique brand logo on the 18x4m sail of Selena. The larger-than-life project meant that Jana had to pull together a team to help and invited young artists, engineers and architects from the Boka region in order to create the branded, hand-painted sail in a show of impressive marine artistry.


Aleksandra Stajović, an architect from Budva, had no prior painting experience but was delighted to be involved from the beginning:

“I had never done anything comparable, nor did I have any idea whether I could work a paintbrush, especially on such a large scale. I used AutoCad and PhotoShop to transpose the logo onto the sail and worked on a few prototypes. It was demanding at times, requiring constant improvisation, perseverance and precision. It was unlike other art where you can start a fresh piece if you go wrong. All we had was one very large and expensive sail as our canvas, leaving little room for error.”

Jana explained how their approach was incredibly unique and, as a result, has carved out a potential career in creating beautiful bespoke hand-painted sails:

“We are used to people decorating sails via print, embroidery and other methods, but almost nobody offers a hand-drawn service. I am delighted at our achievement. Aleksandra, with her architectural foresight, my drawing and painting abilities, and everyone else who helped us along the way. This is truly a Boka story, a story to make us all proud. Something so unique and practically non-existent on the global scene has now become our niche. We have an investor who seeks to promote our work and we could not be prouder of our achievements.”


Delighted with the results, Neundlinger added:

“Jana and her crew understood, captured and conveyed the spirit of my concept and intention through their artistic work. The Nirvana Yachting motto is the art of competitive sailing. ‘The angel wings that we need to catch the winds’ – Da Vinci’s Flying Concept that we transferred to the sail to help us capture the power of nature.”

Alongside Jana and Aleksandra were Bojan Čelanović and Petar Čečur who, with friends at Delfin Yacht Club, took part in the painting marathon.

A Hanse 470 sleek performance cruiser, Selena has been berthed in Porto Montenegro for the past few years and is available to charter for yachting excursions, lessons and regattas. For more information, please visit https://www.selena-regatta.com/.