Best anchorage spots in Montenegro

What makes a good anchorage spot? 

To answer that question, the first thing you need to do is clarify why you want to anchor in the first place.  

Do you want to stop for lunch and a quiet swim? 

Or are you looking for a good reef for diving or fishing? 

Montenegro has many stunning surroundings for dropping an anchor. There are plenty of spots perfect for a photoshoot or spending a peaceful day with friends, enjoying the atmosphere and watching the sunset over the Adriatic Sea.

Still, you will need an experienced guide to find out the best anchorage spots in Montenegro.

Bay of Kotor - part of World Heritage Site

Kotor has a vibrant history, whose heritage is still carried through the surrounding architecture. If you like frequent course changes during sailing trips, the Bay of Kotor should be your first destination on the list. 

Part of the bay consists of Risan Bay in the west and the Bay of Kotor in the east, so you will constantly discover new landscapes along the way. The Bay of Kotor is the largest and most secluded bay on the Adriatic. Keep in mind that the bora is strongest in Risan Bay. The usual wind speed reaching one node can quickly escalate to three nodes, especially in the canals.

On the other hand, the port is protected from westerly winds, and the bora is strong, but it does not create big waves.

Kotor’s city seems to be trapped in time, surrounded by medieval walls. When you wander in the labyrinth of streets and alleys, you never know what attraction you can come across: Venetian-style churches, medieval gates, stairs leading to the hills, restaurant tables full of tempting food. Many other charms of Kotor and its bay are just around the corner, waiting to be discovered and it is clear why UNESCO listed Kotor as a World Heritage Site.

 Zelenika – The Birthplace of Montenegrin Tourism

The city of Zelenika was built a hundred years ago to connect the Bay of Kotor with Vienna and Budapest. Even so, it’s still the newest town in Kotor’s bay. It is also a port for transport and shipping, so if you are looking for fishing spots in anchorage, this may not be an ideal place. 

You can find safe anchorage without fear of the bora in the west of the pier, in the bay of Meljine, located in Herceg Novi’s municipality. 

However, what sets Zelenika apart is the stunning 800m long beach in Meljine. The promenade is connected to Igalo if you want to dock in the port and enjoy the walk. There are a variety of beaches in Zelenika, from gravel and stone to sand and concrete.

In the port, the sea will swell significantly during the winds blowing from the southwest and south, so be careful if you suffer from seasickness.

Interestingly, Montenegrin tourism started in Zelenika with the first hotel built on the green beach, right by the sea.

Perast – an inspiring place in the shadows of the fortress

Perast, a former strategic place of great importance, is located in the shadow of the St Cross Fortress. The defensive fort dominates this stone town because it is the best place to control the Chain’s narrow passage on the way to the northern, most hidden part of the Bay of Kotor.

The Bujović family’s palace, which you can visit in Perast, is considered one of the most beautiful palaces in the Bay of Kotor.

Perast is also known for its bell towers and 22 churches and family chapels. Speaking of the best photo spots in anchorage, there are landscapes around Perast that will provide an ideal background for your photographs.

This is reinforced by the fact that Perast was the inspiration for the Swiss painter Arnold Becklin’s painting “Island of the Dead.” 

If you drop anchor in these waters, know that a bora is blowing from Risan Bay, although it is not so strong on the docks and the southern & maestro winds blowing from the Verige pass do not create big waves.

Ada Bojana - one of the best fishing spots in anchorage

This area contrasts with the Bay of Kotor, especially in the Bojana river’s mouth. 

The Bay of Kotor waters are dominated by a rocky coast that turns into high rocks and cliffs. On the other hand, the coast of Ada Bojana is low, and the continuous sandy beach is surrounded by pine trees. A paradise for all those who seek the best photo spots during anchorage.

On the island of the river Bojana – Ada Bojana, there are lovely restaurants with a rich menu  of Mediterranean specialties along the coast. Drop anchor and enjoy fresh fish cooked in many authentic ways paired with an unreal view. 

Ada Bojana is well known as a tourist gem of Montenegro. Hidden from view and a favourite destination for visitors from all over Europe, it has dense vegetation and plenty of fish. 

If you are looking for the perfect fishing spot in anchorage, Ada Bojana is a place to be. The Bojana River is navigable 44 kilometers to Skadar Lake, but only for vessels with shallow drafts.

These waters are entirely exposed to all winds and waves from the open sea. Seek shelter by anchoring in front of the river island of Cape Djeran, in the bay of Milena.

Valdanos - untouched natural beauty

Nearby Ada Bojana, there is a beach and one of the largest olive production regions in Montenegro – Valdanos.

Valdanos is a beautiful and secluded bay for those who want to escape everyday life and enjoy complete peace. The steep shores are covered with dense bushes, evergreen trees, abandoned houses and hotels, while the flat land is covered with olive trees. The apocalyptic and yet beautiful atmosphere will allow you to enjoy full meditation

When we talk about the best photo spots in anchorage, Valdanos should be your choice. For such peace, Valdanos can thank the fact that it was a closed military area until a few years ago, which immensely helped preserve its original beauty.

This bay is well protected from south winds but wholly exposed to southwest, west, and northwest winds.

Best anchorage spots in Montenegro - set sail from Porto Montenegro

Whether you are looking for fishing spots in anchorage or the best photo spots in anchorage, Porto Montenegro has it all. You can sail across the Adriatic Sea from this world-class marina, which is part of the luxurious Porto Montenegro nautical resort. 

Do you want to experience warm and clear Adriatic waters and extraordinary marine life? 

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When you step on Montenegrin soil you will be greeted by a mixture of traditional Balkan and European culture; embrace the salty air whilst cruising over the waves, or diving into the underwater world, mountaineering on a twilight peak, and in a short, live a life less ordinary.