Our Masterplan for Porto Montenegro

We want Porto Montenegro to be a destination with a truly year-round appeal.

To do that, we’re expanding our outdoor and indoor entertainment, increasing our sporting and cultural events, and providing opportunities for creative fulfillment within an eventual five-neighbourhood community. 

You may have seen some of the emergence of the next phase of this masterplan already, but here’s a brief summary…

A Five-Neighbourhood Community

Today’s Porto Montenegro will become our ‘South Village’ neighbourhood, with ‘Boka Place’ joining next year as our second neighbourhood at the gateway to the village. 

An exciting new ‘Synchro’ address will come after that. There we are re-purposing the Synchro building as a long-term entertainment and events centre, improving our yacht club and associated amenities, and adding new homes and our long awaited beach environment.

This will then be followed by plans for the evolution of our tennis-centric ‘North Village’, and eventually the luxurious waterworld of ‘Park Gardens’.

Each neighbourhood will have a distinct character and purpose. 

Both individually and collectively, they will allow you to continue living a rewarding life less ordinary at Porto Montenegro, and to consider it your home for even more of your precious time. What’s more, you’ll be able to enjoy that time with an even wider group of friends and family with broader interests and desires.

Want to see what else we have in store? Find out more here.

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