One Restaurant - 10th anniversary

To celebrate One’s 10 year anniversary in the village we spoke with Kristijan Šarić, one of their veteran employees.


What is your name and where are you from?

Kristijan: My name is Kristijan and I am from Tivat.

How long have you worked at One restaurant and what exactly do you do?

I have been working at One for 7 years now at the position of a barman/barista. I am in charge of coffee and cocktail making, procurement, maintenance of high quality and hygienic standards, training of seasonal staff, event and theme party catering and organization, etc.

What is extraordinary at One restaurant?

Besides an amazing, innovative interior and view, which is a pleasure for both, employees and guests of the restaurant, One offers and extraordinary fusion of tastes. Our guests enjoy the finest local products that are meticulously prepared by our chefs, mouth-watering desserts and enchanting choice of wines. Bar staff is here to advice on wine-pairing.

What is extraordinary about Porto Montenegro?

Porto Montenegro perfectly continued the naval tradition of our town through bespoke innovation. It is located in the place of an old shipyard and it symbolizes the ultimate luxury and attracts the well-known yachts and generously hosts international crew.

What is your favorite part of Porto Montenegro?

As a father of a 2-year old girl, Blue Room is definitely the best place.

What type of people do you meet here?

Restaurants are the places, where you meet all kinds of people. From locals up to royalty. I really appreciate these contacts, as they are for me an opportunity to learn, broaden my horizons, meet new cultures and appreciate differences among people.

What do you do in your time off?

During the summer, I enjoy spending time at local beaches, of course. Winter, on the other hand, is time for relaxation, family, holidays and traveling. November is especially important for me, as it the season for olive harvest and oil production, which is my hobby.

How has Covid changed your life or the life in PM / Montenegro as a country?

The pandemic gave all of us more time to reflect and work on ourselves. I was very productive during this period, I read a lot and learned to appreciate more my health, freedom and daily pleasures that we all take for granted.

How has the pandemic influenced your work?

Hospitality was hit very hard by the pandemic, the previous season was highly challenging for our industry. But we should look forward, we are cautious more than ever, we work very hard and are giving our best to comply with the government rules and provide five-star service.

How does One celebrates it’s 10th anniversary this year?

We have a premium cocktail list, there are 10 new masterpieces as well as the summer menu. Birthday itself was a special day for the staff and guests, we had free cakes for all guests, positive atmosphere and photo-shooting, it was great.

What is the most popular cocktail at One?

The most popular one is “Penicillin”, highly recommendable during the pandemic ☺)) It contains homemade ginger juice, honey-infused JD and lime.

What is your favorite cocktail creation?

I have 3 babes – Browne, Tony Browne; Bel ami and KIDS playground. Cheers!