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Skiing Weekends In Kolasin

Skiing weekends in Kolasin

For a great winter Montenegrin experience, head to Kolasin. Located just 3 hours away from Porto Montenegro, the resort offers great skiing, a lively mountain village and an abundance of restaurants and bars.

For dinner, we recommend Stara Konoba. Featuring tasty mountain fare and a traditional rustic feel, it's the perfect spot after a day on the slopes. For an authentic Montenegrin experience, try the Kačamak, a hearty potato dish mixed with Kolasin's local cheese. Extend the night with a few post-dinner drinks at one of the local bars such as Balkan and Select, or visit one of the après ski spots on or off the slopes.

Porto Montenegro offers a crew chalet for up to 18 people throughout the winter season. To book your stay or to sign up for one of the event weekends, please contact the marina office. The next one is the “Superhero Ski Weekend", taking place in February. Don't forget your capes. For more images visit our Facebook page.

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