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Cofee Speciatities In The Village

Coffee specialties in the village

Whether you are looking for a dark, intense espresso or a milky morning cappuccino, Porto Montenegro Village offers a variety of expertly created caffeine fixes in a waterfront setting. Here is a roundup of the best of them

Al Posto Giusto

At the Village pizzeria, Al Posto Giusto, Italy’s revered biscotti have been replaced by the Montenegrin favourite – the plazma cookie – to create the house speciality.  A delicious blend of espresso, caramel, vanilla syrup and crème fraiche softens the plazma cookies, all finished off with a topping of whipped cream and hazelnuts. 

Porto Montenegro’s concept store, AM/PM uses the renowned Illy coffee bean to create its signature ‘wet’ cappuccino.  Illy-trained baristas, Mladen and Nebojsa, carefully combine a single 8g shot of finely ground coffee with full-fat milk expertly heated to perfection, removing excess air bubbles by gently swirling the milk before pouring into the cup. The cacao sprinkles create a final artistic flourish on top of this rich, creamy cappuccino.


The infamous Irish Coffee can be found at the Village’s contemporary restaurant, One. This popular bar and eatery is not only a haven for connoisseurs of cocktails and wines, but also boasts skilled coffee makers behind the counter. To create One’s signature Irish Coffee, dark brown sugar is mixed with steamed Jameson’s whisky, then blended with a double espresso shot of the popular San Giusto coffee.  Finished off with a delicate covering of fresh cream and chocolate sprinkles, this is guaranteed to appeal to every taste bud.

The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is renowned for its exotic drinks and buzzing ambience so the house special, the Espresso Martini, is an excellent caffeine-fix for those preferring things shaken, not stirred! The sophisticated combination of alcohol and coffee originates from the Australian city of Sydney yet is perfectly at home in Porto Montenegro. A unique blend of vanilla vodka, Kaluha, Baileys and The Clubhouse’s very own world-class espresso, come together in a classic Martini glass resulting in a memorable coffee cocktail.

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