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10 Montenegrin Dishes You Have To Try

1. Black Risotto

How can someone serve you a meal that is completely black? Well once you get over the colour (if you are a fan of seafood and risotto) this squid ink cuttlefish dish will tantalise your taste buds and you’re sure to be going back for more.

2. Red meat Under the Bell

This is probably the most Montenegrin meal you will find, mainly found in the north and well worth trying. It is called “sač” in Montenegrin, the meat is slow roasted in the ashes of a fire in a clay pot under an iron dome and the results are succulent, melt in your mouth roasted meat.

3. Squid stuffed with Prawns

The heading pretty much says it all, and for those who love both, have you heard of anything more divine than taking a grilled squid then stuffing it with the meat of a juicy prawn.

4. Priganice

44Essentially these are little donuts, little balls of fried dough, they are normally served with honey, cheese and jam and are simply delicious especially at tea time!

5. Burek

These are a regional favourite and traditional breakfast. Burek is filo pastry filled with spinach, cheese or meat and you eat it with a bottle of plain yogurt. In case you wonder why all the bakeries sell yogurt, this is why.

6. Popeci

Cheese or sour cream and a prosciutto is wrapped in veal roasted then deep fried. This is so juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside, succulent and deeply satisfying.

7. Octopus Salad

The Octopus is cooked and cut into small bite sized pieces served with parsley, depending on where you go you might get it with potatoes either way it’s simply yummy.

8. Rakia

Ok so it’s not a food item but it’s hard not to mention this grapa like drink when talking about traditional Montenegrin cuisine. Most families will have their own that they make and the older generation tends to have a small glass of this in the morning as its said to have medicinal properties. 

9. Kačamak

A Montenegrin take on creamy Polenta, made with salted cream and served with buttermilk or yogurt

10. Šopska Salad

This is how one would imagine summer tastes like, fresh, organic, thickly cut tomatoes, cucumber, red capsicum coated with a layer of soft white cheese. This is the perfect accompaniment to any fish dish.

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