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10 reasons to buy property at Porto Montenegro

1. Undiscovered Gem of the Mediterranean

The likes of Spain, France and Italy, although incredibly beautiful are overdone and during the summer vastly over crowded, Montenegro is a wonderful alternative with very similar climate and may very well be more beautiful.

2. Up & coming destination

On average the tourism in Montenegro increases by 10% each year making it popularity one to keep your eye on, now is the time to invest.

3. Ideal for boat owners

Not only will you be able to Lease a berth for up to 30 years, have your holiday home close by, but you’re in the epicentre of the best cruising grounds that the Mediterranean has to offer.

4. Porto Montenegro is only 5 min walk away from a town

There is no need to wait for construction before your holiday home becomes convenient, Porto Montenegro already has some incredible amenities including, a grocery store, bakery, restaurants, retail outlets, spas, rental agencies and a florist. If there is the small chance that you are looking for something that we don’t have, Tivat is only a 5 min walk away!

5. Condo-hotel

One of the hottest investments, a condo-hotel unit purchase allows you in Montenegro to reclaim up to 19% VAT, cca 1/5 discount on the property purchase value.

6. Low living costs

Compared to most of Europe the average cost of living is much lower.

7. Safety

Although Montenegro is an incredibly safe country, compared to many others in the world at the moment. Porto Montenegro doesn’t take this for granted and has 24hr security along with CCTV making an already extremely safe place even safer.

8. Growing demand

All built units are sold out, showing that buyers have confidence in the product.

9. The capital appreciation has reached a Compound Annual Growth Rate of more than 10%

This speaks for itself, growth has been tracked and is only looking steady.

10. The property prices compared to similar properties in Europe is below average

Better value for money is always a good thing, although Porto Montenegro property is not cheap by any means you are buying into an already established luxury, a world-class marine with impeccable service and amenities, considering that you are getting great value for money.

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