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10 Reasons you Should Invest in a Long-Term Berth

1. Berth leases ranging between 15 and 30 years lease can be tailored to suit the yacht's individual needs

Whatever your needs are the lease agreement can be managed to ensure that you get exactly what you, your crew and your yacht need.

2. 3-year price freeze to upgrade berth (from date of lease purchase)

This of course minimises your risk to growing inflation rates especially if you are investing in a short-term lease on a berth. A price freeze for 3 years is always a great thing, can’t they do this with lots of other products too?

3. Moorings can be sublet at any time via our marina rental pool

So, you can make some cash while you’re not using it and not just sitting there.

4. Leases owners keep 85% share of rental income in the rental pool
85% to you and only 15% to them sounds like a fair split.


5. Leases provide a guarantee that your yacht will always have a place to berth

The Mediterranean’s area is getting more and more crowded with boats and there are more boats in production each year, investing in long-term berth will assure you will always have a space for your yacht.

6. Accommodation options


Now there are some magnificent yachts out there and that it could be incredible to spend as much time as possible on it, but at Porto Montenegro you have the choice of stay in a stunning luxury apartment, at the opulent Regent Hotel or soon to be opened Pool Club Residences, at least you have an incredible variety of options here.

7. Berth leases can be sold at any time to profit from appreciation in a rapidly growing industry.

This is great news, you are not obliged to stick to the contract to the end of term, you can sell whenever you need the cash or whenever you think the market is going to show you a good profit.

8. Lease owners will have access to the Porto Montenegro Owner’s Club; an exclusive members' club offering a wide range of lifestyle benefits.

Yes, there are lots of benefits and not only at Porto Montenegro.

9. Lease owners are becoming PMYC members offering them various discounts around the village.

Being a member of PMYC offers many different discounts in many different shops and restaurants around the marina village for more information, you should become a member.

10. You will be investing in a multiple award-winning Marina and Marina of Distinction, that has been recognised for many years for its excellent service and amenities.

You won’t be forgotten once you have invested in your long-term berth, you will become part of the community and not only will you matter but so will your crew and your yacht to all the staff.

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