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12 reasons to come to Montenegro in Winter

1. Winter escape experience with Porto Montenegro and Regent


This winter Regent Hotel and Porto Montenegro village has teamed up to offer guests the perfect combination for a frosty day, luxury accommodation, shopping, spa and delicious food all at reduced prices. Find out more >>

2. Skiing in Kolasin


If you thought that Switzerland, France and Italy were the only places in winter to Ski, you are very mistaken. The hidden gem in the middle of the almost primal mountains of Montenegro, is the stunning Kolasin. Kolasin has some of the most converted powder out there, not to mention there happens to be a new Four Points by Sheraton, with a spa to make sure that you are always well looked after.

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3. Off road Jeep Tour


Fewer things are more exhilarating as going off road in a jeep, you can choose from doing this for a day or a few days. Just be warned that generally speaking off roading is not for the faint hearted and off roading in icy conditions can be rather hair raising for anyone.

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4. Stay and Sail Package


For those that are looking for the right package and opportunity to learn how to sail, Stay and Sail with Regent and Porto Montenegro is right up your alley. 3 days for those needing an introduction to the elegant sport while 5 days for the more seasons sailors.

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5. The Markets


In selected parts around Montenegro there are some of the quaintest markets, from Christmas markets where you can buy stunning trinkets and decorations to farmers markets where you can but the freshest and tastiest produce around, breads, honey and cured meats are amongst the best buys.

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6. Helicopter tour over the snowy peaks


If trekking through the snow is not something that you would enjoy, why not enjoy the sights and history from the warmth and comfort of a helicopter and get a bird’s eye view of this stunning country.

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7. Winter Carnival in Kotor


The Carnival occurs every February for the last 5 years and creates a focus on the culture and art scene in the region. There is no exclusion and people of all ages and social-economic backgrounds are included, to immerse yourself in the artistic scene this carnival is a must visit.

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8. Snowmobiling


Very similar to quad biking in the summer but with snow and incredibly invigorating. This is an unbelievably fun activity for the entire family to enjoy.

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9. Hiking


Hiking in the crisp air, on a mountain top through the snow is a wonderful experience and presents some of the best Instagram moments. Just remember to dress warmly and perhaps have a rakia or a Montenegrin hot chocolate in your backpack to warm you up from the inside out.

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10. New Year spectacular


Each year the top clubs and hotels in Montenegro throw the best parties, so if you are looking for a sophisticated and enthralling way of bringing in the New Year look towards, Hilton, Splendid and Regent while if you want to dance the night away and party so hard that you might not remember it all the next morning, Top hill and Maximus are definitely the way to go.

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11. Experience the most famous attractions without too many people around


Although Montenegro never gets too over packed like most of western Europe, winter allows you the opportunity to see all the best sites without many people around and you might get the opportunity to sit with a local and get all the history from their family’s perspective.

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12. Its economical in winter


Winter, is considered a lower tourist season and since its considered the Holidays, discounts are all around, from accommodation, clothes, food and spa treatments, winter truly is a magical time of year.

Make Porto Montenegro your base to explore all this, and more >>

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