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Another 10 places to see in Montenegro

1. Porto Montenegro 

Whether you are looking for a berth for your yacht as a homeport or an apartment to invest in or a holiday that you will remember for a life time. Porto Montenegro can and will offer you all that you are looking for in the ultimate Marina Village.

2. The Blue Cave

Just off the Lustica Peninsula, a short boat ride away from Porto Montenegro is one of the most spectacular caves. Gaining its name from the iridescent blue that is reflected, the blue cave is a sight to behold and for those more adventurous once there you can opt for a kayak and snorkelling trip to explore the labyrinth of caves both above and below the water.

3. Old Town Bar 

This has got to be one of the most stunning old towns in Montenegro, we would completely recommend getting a guide to take you through as there is so much history laying in what must have been a metropolis a few hundred years ago. Some lovely little restaurants lay just before the old town walls perfect for a beer or a ice cold drink before walking through the city ruins.

4. Lovcen National Park

This is one of the most popular National Parks in Montenegro and lies between Kotor, Tivat, Cetinje and Budva making it an easy trip from anywhere on the coast. If you go via the serpentine road via Kotor it could very easily be the most beautiful drive you will ever do. Go to Petar Petrovic Njego’s Mausoleum, hiking, Ziplining and have a picnic and make it a perfect day out.

5. Cetinje

Known as the Royal Capital of Montenegro, this small city is drenched in culture and history at every corner. While in Montenegro you should definitely try to see the Monastery of Cetinje, where two great Christian relics are treasured: the hand of Saint John the Baptist and a piece of the Holy Cross.

6. Lipa Caves

Discover a little piece of the mysteries of the underworld and explore 2.5km of the Lipa Caves. On a clear summer's day this incredible cave has the distinct smell of Limes (Lipa in Montengrin)  wafting in the air. A small tip when going whether or not it’s a hot day out please take a jacket as the caves only reach around 10 degrees Celsius, Natures aircon!

7. Budva

With the likes of Madonna, the Rolling Stones, Skrillex and Lenny Kravitz Budva is definitely a hub of some great nightlife in Montenegro. Parties start on the beach in summer in the morning and never really end, they simply move to another location.

8. Ada Bojana

Ada Bojana is essentially a nature reserve with a great beach that is partly given over to ‘nudists including a hotel where clothing is optional, unless you’re keen on kicking off your kit, it’s best to stick to the swimsuit-friendly zone. It’s a great beach for horseback riding, or enjoy a long and lazy lunch at a restaurant along the Bojana River and feed the duckies.

9. Kolasin

Now for those of you that think that Montenegro is just a summer destination are wrong. Kolasin is a wonderful destination in the winter months for some choice skiing, a couple fo spas and saunas and a divine fire with a yummy Montenegrin hot chocolate makes for a gorgeous winter vacation

10. Podgorica

In The capital, Podgorica there are a couple of good malls, you could probably watch a theatrical performance, watch some up and coming musicians in a pub and other than Porto Montenegro, Podgorica has the widest selection of international food.

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