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'Tourist flower' for Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro was recently rewarded for its contribution to the horticulture of Tivat, at the traditional "Tourist Flower" event organized by the local tourism organization. This was in recognition of having planted 38 magnolia trees around the village.

“Tivat is known for its landscaping and well-maintained greens, Porto Montenegro reinforces that message about preserving the environment via their own initiatives", stated Tamara Djurovic, an Adviser at the Ministry of Tourism, while handing the award to Porto Montenegro's PR manager Danilo Kalezic.

“A total of 38 planted magnolias, the symbol of our city, make a great difference to Tivat. Cooperation between the Tivat Tourist Organization and Porto Montenegro is a very positive not just in terms of horticulture but also in other areas such as tourism development. I believe that we will jointly contribute to making a new, greener structure for our city in the future," said Tamara Petkovic, representative of the Tivat Tourist Organization Tivat. An expert consultant with the “Tourist Flower" commission, horticulture engineer Tanja Krstović, stressed that the large Mediterranean plants in the Porto Montenegro marina are already an integral part of Tivat town.

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