Computer Equipment For Students Of Faculty Mediterranean Featured

Computer equipment for Faculty of Mediterranean Tivat

Adriatic Marinas has donated computer and office equipment worth 2,000 euros to the Faculty of Mediterranean Business Studies in Tivat. Students and tutors took charge of a new photocopier, printer, projector, and laptop.

On behalf of our educational institution, I would like to thank Adriatic Marinas for their generous donation. I would also like to add that this is only one aspect of our planned collaboration, with further plans to create joint international projects in the field of nautical tourism, emphasized Nikola Vukcevic, a professor at the faculty.

Adriatic Marinas has also announced the implementation of other similar projects:

It is our pleasure to continue to work with the only educational institution of this type in Tivat, our focus primarily targeting the South. We will now discuss how to build on this kind of cooperation, targeting other concepts for the next educational year, said Porto Montenegro’s PR Manager, Danilo Kalezic, in charge of handling IT equipment.

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