Adriatic Marinas community teamwork renovates city park

This week Adriatic Marinas joined forces with the Municipality of Tivat’s “Green Team” to renovate one of the city’s public parks. As part of the company’s new ‘’Community Team Works” initiative, 20 employees were given the day off to participate in the project.

The renovations took place on 12th March, internationally known as ‘Plant a Flower Day’. A colourful selection of plants, flowers, and ornamental shrubs were planted, whilst worn-out park furniture and playground equipment was carefully restored and repainted.

Adriatic Marinas donated 5000 euro to cover the cost of the renovations whilst all participating staff enjoyed a paid day’s work in the outdoors.

“We thought these renovations would be a great way to kick-off start Community Team Works, something creative and very visual to mark the start of this long term initiative. The park has now been enriched with new seedlings from plants that have never existed in Tivat before, including Strelitzia, Tamarisk, and Portuguese laurel cherry”, explains Oonagh Leonard, Community Team Works Manager at Porto Montenegro.

‘Together for the Community’, employees of Adriatic Marinas will also participate in various activities of social interest in and around Tivat. This will include the renovation of the popular summer stage and the improvement of the surrounding environment of a primary school in Donja Lastva, situated on the outskirts of Tivat.

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