Renovation of local football field

A football field in Tivat’s city park has undergone a much needed transformation, thanks to the hard work and dedication of 24 members of staff at Adriatic Marinas – Porto Montenegro.

Porto Montenegro staff were given the day off to participate in this local event, the third project as part of the ‘Uplifting the Community’ campaign.

With around 5.000 euros invested in the renovation works, volunteers worked hard to transform the football stadium near Tivat FC “Arsenal". Fences were repaired and painted, football goals and grass tidied, and new spectator benches put in place.

The Porto Montenegro team were joined by children from local primary school Drago Milovic. When the work was finished, a friendly soccer match took place between the two teams, with restaurant One providing sandwiches and refreshments for all those that took part.

Oonagh Leonard, coordinator of the project, praised local support for Porto Montenegro employees and management. “As part of the ‘Uplifting the Community’ project, Porto Montenegro will continue to renovate various locations in the city, improving the quality of life for the local community. "

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