Renoviranje Terena Porto Montenegro

PM team has renovated basketball and football grounds

Adriatic Marinas gathered thirty employees, to come together and complete reconstruction works on the basketball and football courts in the Big City Park last Friday – the activity took place as part of the social responsibility project, ‘Uplifting the Community’.

Oliver Corlette, CEO of Porto Montenegro commented, “Since 2006, when the project began, Porto Montenegro have intensely engaged with the local community to create a city for the future. Through the Uplifting the Community project, our employees get paid to take a day out of the office and participate in these activities. We also hope to organize more initiatives in the near future.”

“The company Adriatic Marinas is a socially-responsible firm that proves that it lives and grows together with the city of Tivat. Their goal is not only the successful realization of the project of resorts and marinas, but this is a project of Tivat and all its citizens,” said the Mayor of Tivat, Ivan Novosel.

The President of the Municipal Council for Sport, Dragan Popadic proudly pointed out the results and impact of the Adriatic Marinas initiative; Basketball Club Teodo. Young teams of KK Teodo held the first training on the new field, with the presence of all members of the management team.

The project which is worth more than € 25,000, has been funded by Adriatic Marinas - Porto Montenegro. The work involved the removal of dilapidated structures and the existing concrete layer, creating adequate drainage and setting a new tartan background. Contractors stated that this is the first course with tartan background in Montenegro, which corresponds to all modern standards.

On the final day of the project, employees made the finishing touches to the basketball court by removing the graffiti from the monuments nearby, cleaning the green areas and painting the walls and seats. The Porto Montenegro team were supported by One restaurant, who provided a selection of refreshments for all of the volunteers.



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