School Renovation Featured

PM staff renovate interior of local Primary School

Renovation of Tivat’s primary school, ‘Drago Milovic’ in Donja Lastva, has been the sixth action plan of Adriatic Marina’s social responsibility campaign, ‘Uplifting the Community.’ Over the past few months, Porto Montenegro and the Municipality of Tivat have joined forces to renovate this local primary school which was built by the Swiss government after the disastrous earthquake of 1979.

Overall, the project has received around €15,000, donated by the municipality and Porto Montenegro, alongside the help of volunteers from Tivat’s Parent Council and PM employees. Adriatic Marinas invested around €8,500 in this latest phase of the project, which included renovation of the toilets, new wallpaper, paint, furniture and interior décor, whilst the Municipality of Tivat allocated over €6,000 for the reconstruction of the school’s roof, repairs to the façade, and urgently needed boiler repairs.

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