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"Creators of the century" award winners

Adriatic Marinas was awarded the annual prize “Stvaratelji za stoljeća” (Creators of the Century) by the International Economy Forum “Perspektive“. Adriatic Marinas was selected by the Important Recognition for Development of Ideas, Innovation and Investment in Entrepreneurship in Central and South East Europe “Creators of the Century” Award Committeefrom Croatia.

 According to the organisers, of the proposed 411 candidates, the list was narrowed down to 97 candidates from 9 countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Germany, Slovenia and Serbia). The Adriatic Marinas Company was selected for their superyacth marina project and luxury nautical resort. What separated them from their competition, according to the prize awarding committee, was quick project development, quality of nautical and tourist product, number of employees, contribution to the local community, and also their image and the respect they enjoy among international clients, which they acquired over a very short period of time. 

 “This year, once again, the Creators of the Century awards will be handed to those who most deserved them. All of the winners are heroes of the present, and will be heroes of tomorrow. They are of key importance for the development of their own communities, and of the global community. I feel extremely satisfied that this year once again the Creators of the Century awards will travel to a dozen countries, and that this will serve as an additional incentive for the laureates to continue to create benefit for all”, stated Professor Siniša Zarić, PhD, chair of the independent international committee of the Creators of the Century awards. The committee consisted of 16 professionals in the fields of economy, marketing, management, finance and entrepreneurship from nine European countries.


The award ceremony for Creators of the Century will take place in Dubrovnik on 5 March 2016. 

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