The company Adriatic Marinas donated optical equipment to the ornithological reserve Solila, being first of all a protected nature reserve, so that all interested visitors can enjoy bird watching.

The donation includes optical equipment: a spyglass, a tripod and binoculars, worth 1,500 euros, which will help to promote this special nature reserve in order to safeguard plant and animal species, primarily ornithofauna.

Besides the content of our tourism product, the international clientele of the superyacht marina and nautical village Porto Montenegro also wants to explore the Bay of Kotor – the ornithological reserve Solila, with its historical and cultural heritage, certainly has the capacity to be an interesting location for their stay in nature, said Danilo Kalezić, PR manager at Porto Montenegro.

In Solila 111 species have been registered so far. However, the list is not nearly exhaustive, because every year several species which are new for this habitat are added to the register. Considering that in Europe currentrly there are 526 registered bird species, the number of birds present in this lagoon constitute more than 20% of the total number of species of European avifauna, which is not negligible.

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