From Arsenal To Porto Montenegro

From Arsenal to Porto Montenegro

When Admiral von Sternek sailed into the Bay of Kotor during the large scale Austro-Hungarian naval maneuvres in the Adriatic Sea in 1886, he was astonished by the strategic importance of Tivat for the construction of a naval arsenal; the large natural harbour, deep waters and protected location in the Adriatic made it ideal.

With this discovery, the Naval Command started the procedure to purchase a portion of the land to create a navy port.

Fast forward to 1921: the Yugoslav flag is hoisted and the arsenal is officially open. After its reconfiguration and expansion, it was ready to start developing a new generation of military vessels – a fleet which would come to serve the Yugoslav fleet for many years.

In 2006, Prime Minister Milo Đukanović invited Canadian Peter Munk – founder of Barrick Gold – to Montenegro. Flying him over the arsenal by helicopter, he shared his vision: to bring Montenegro back to the high-end destination it once was. Peter Munk saw this potential immediately in the form of a vibrant nautical community.

“When I flew down there the first time, I thought it was magnificent. I was stunned to see those phenomenal docks, twice as wide as Monte Carlo’s main dock, or the ones in Nice or Cannes, in that setting. In terms of protection, it is as great as any harbour I have ever seen in my whole life. There is nowhere like it”.

Today, the once-defunct naval site is home to some of the most beautiful yachts afloat, with a range of berths, facilities and amenities that exceed all yacht owner expectations. What began as a desire to build the best marina possible, in one of the most beautiful areas imaginable, is a reality.

The marina is only 7km from Tivat International Airport. The next time you’re in town, come say hello.

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