Al Posto Giusto & The Clubhouse

Al Posto Giusto

The spacious, stone interior and waterfront terrace gives a taste of an authentic Italian ambience, while its wood fired oven cooks up the best thin-crust pizza this side of the Adriatic. You can also find a wide variety of pastas and real prosecco. Buon Appetito!

The Clubhouse

Hidden from the marina, The Clubhouse is the neighbourhood getaway built by and made for the young at heart. This bar is mostly infamous for its delicious cocktails with really odd names, ice-cold beer and loose atmosphere. The two Aussie owners are regularly organizing themed or dress-up parties with live Dj-s and the projector is screening live sporting events from all over the world. Find their Facebook page for the upcoming schedule, photographic evidence of your night at the Clubhouse and find all of those who you shared the good times with.

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