The Submarines Of Porto Montenegro

The submarines of Porto Montenegro

Although the Bay of Kotor had long been a regional hub for submarine repairs and overhauls, it was not until the Post-War years that they were first manufactured here. The navy blue P-821 Hero sub right in front of the Naval Heritage Collection building was built between 1964-68 before being decommissioned in 2004. This submarine is 50,4m long, with a full speed of 16.3kn underwater. She could go as deep as 210m, equipped with four torpedoes. There are now tentative plans to turn the P-821 Hero into a visitor-friendly attraction. 

The smaller 18,8m sub belongs to a Yugoslavian class of submarines called “Una”, built in the 1980s. With six such subs produced, they were designed to plant mine fields and deliver commandoes behind enemy lines. 

The R2 mini-sub is only 4.9m and was developed and produced at the end of the 1960’s in Yugoslavia, based on a French model. It was intended for transportation, intelligence gathering and sabotage missions. It is still used by the Syrian and Swedish navies today.

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