New Dishes At One

New dishes at One

The summer crowds have yet to return but at One Restaurant, chef Lorenzo Carlino is not relaxing. Instead, he is taking a fresh approach to combining local ingredients with Italian cooking, churning out new and flavourful dishes on a weekly basis. 

Few things set as exciting a tone as the beef tartare.  Top sirloin is sourced from a pristine farm in the north of Montenegro, minced immediately before serving and topped with a big soft egg yolk.  The meat is lightly seasoned, but a selection of condiments and peppers are provided for those who prefer a spicier dish.


Further down the menu are two ravioli that, at first, might seem concessions to the obvious.  But these ravioli are hand made daily.  They are large and arrive at the table puffed up as if filled not just with extra flavor but pride as well.

The squid ink ravioli are filled with tender morsels of sea bass and served in a rich bouillon.  The spinach and ricotta ravioli are presented in a row with a thick tomato sauce. 

Black Tiger Prawns

The Chef’s native Sicily is manifest in the black tiger prawns: plump and butterflied in the shell, then sautéed in a sauce of tomato, white wine and garlic.  The dish is a success because it augments the flavour of the shrimp with subtleties.  As in all good cooking, the aim is to amplify the character of the ingredient, not conceal it.

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