New Stock At AMPM

New stock at AM/PM

AM/PM, Porto Montenegro's very own concept store, regularly sources new products from around the region such as traditional fruit preserves, organic olive oil and photographic prints. By working closely with local artisans and artists, we're not only supporting the growth of small enterprise in Montenegro but also creating a unique collection of souvenirs and gifts. Our latest arrivals include a striking array of Montenegrin hats, belts, shawls and winter socks hand-crafted by the talented Vesna Rakočević. Hailing from a family of tailors, Vesna's designs are inspired by original 15th Century ceremonial dress and use authentic vintage cloth. Legend has it that such costumes were originally from the island of Crete and were adopted by Montenegrin sailors who happened into port.

We also have a new model ship called the Dubrovacka nava courtesy of master model maker Milos Radicevic. This famous 15th Century shipping boat of the Dubrovnik Republic has been recreated in minute detail with a long round-shaped hull, three masts and four sails – a testament to the rich naval heritage of this region. Finally, our walls are now radiating a dark golden hue thanks to the splendid leather-framed nautical maps that arrived from the Milanovic family in Belgrade. AM/PM is located in Venice Square, Porto Montenegro Village. Come in for a pot of herbal tea or an expertly served ILLY coffee courtesy of the talented barristas Mladen and Nebojsa.

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