Naval Heritage Collection

NHC celebrates the anniversary of "Jadran" ship

The famous training vessel Jadran that has proudly adorned the Tivat waterfront for decades, celebrated its 79th birthday on Sunday, August 19th. In honor of the day it was added to Yugoslavia’s Royal Navy Fleet in 1933, the birthday celebration began with a special dedication and exhibition at the Naval Heritage Collection in Porto Montenegro, Tivat, on show until August 25th 2012.

Photographs of the ship and of the lifestyle onboard are displayed for visitors to view, as well as the honors and awards it received during the ship's active duty. 

The opening of the exhibition was attended by some of the original crew members and their Lieutenant Commander, Goran Pajovic as well as former and current Commanders of the Montenegrin Navy, Captain Rajko Bulatovic and Captain Darko Vukovic.

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