Italian Tax Rises

Italian taxes rises: the flight from IT

An estimated 20,000 yachts from Italian ports have recently crossed waters to anchor in nearby France, Spain, Malta, Croatia, Greece, and Montenegro. This sizeable migration is the direct result of a new government tax implemented by Italian Prime Minister, Mario Monti, in order to help repair the country’s financial problems.

Seventar Yacht Transport

Sevenstar yacht transport in PM

Sevenstar Yacht Transport is a world leader when it comes to the marine transportation of yachts and other vessels. This Dutch company transported three yachts into Porto Montenegro over the weekend – the ‘MCB’ (22.6 m), ‘No Office’ (21.07m), and ‘Smutje’ (14.33 m), all of which berthed in the marina.

Crew Activities

Crew activities throughout February

February is the month of carnivals, as we head to Lastva Grbaljska this Saturday for a traditional street carnival, and the largest carnival on the Tivat Riviera. Whether you join the parade or just want to watch and take in the atmosphere it is free to attend.

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