Mercedes Benz Style Pavillon Open From 27 July 11 August 2013

Mercedez-Benz style pavilion open

Porto Montenegro reinforces its partnerships with Silver Arrows Marine (SAM) and Mercedes-Benz Style by hosting the Mercedes-Benz Style Pavillonin its marina village this summer. One of the main events of Porto Montenegro’s summer season, the Mercedes-Benz Style Pavillon, will be on site from 27 July – 11 August after a 22 country tour.

German Speaking Countries

The role of German speaking countries

Montenegro’s connection with German speaking countries dates back to the 16th century, when the Boka Bay first came under Austro-Hungarian rule. Following liberation in the early 20th century remnants of this era were left along the coastline and today visitors to the area can visit the disused Austrian forts at Rose, Mamula and Arza.

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