Porto Montenegro Attend MIPIM

Porto Montenegro attend MIPIM - the World's property market

Porto Montenegro’s attendance at the 25th anniversary of MIPIM – the leading real estate event for property professionals (11-14March) – has fortified the message that Porto Montenegro is not just a project, it is part of the Montenegrin community.

Since the start of the development, Porto Montenegro has invested in tourism in Montenegro with the local people at the forefront of their plans. The cost so far for the development has reached upwards of €165 million with another €100 million planned for the site. Not to mention, Porto Montenegro has donated more than €2 million to support charities and local projects in the area. These factors together have not only raised the profile of Montenegro but have also generated favorable opportunities for foreign direct investment.

The tax benefits in Montenegro have also had a profound impact, with the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Branimir Gvozdenovic, stating that tax friendly legislation is a benefit for the country. This, coupled with low mooring rates and state-of-the-art marina facilities and services, including its Yacht Club, Sports Club and the Knightsbridge School International (KSI) Montenegro, makes it an ideal homeport for yachts of all sizes.

Renowned internationally and unparalleled with any other marina in Europe, Montenegro is fast becoming a strong competitor in the market as a yacht and charter base, with a buzzing village, a fact that is evident with a host of British, Australian, American, European and Russian yachts now choosing Porto Montenegro as their homeport of choice.

MIPIM, started by Reed MIDEM, has been a key conference, exhibition, networking and transaction event in the agendas of the world’s top real estate players since 1990. The event brings together the most influential players from all international property sectors – office, residential, retail, healthcare, sport, logistics and industrial – offering unrivalled access to the greatest number of development projects and sources of capital worldwide.

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