ISO Certification


As the sole operator of Marina Porto Montenegro, Adriatic Marinas d.o.o is committed to protecting the environment and the territory in which they operate, in particular by implementing targeted actions on pollution prevention and continual improvement of its environmental protection. In order to give strong operational support to its environmental policy, the organisation has decided to introduce international standard UNI EN ISO 14001.

Environmental policy of the company Marina Porto Montenegro includes:

  • continuously improve environmental performance by preventing all forms of pollution
  • conforming with applicable legal requirements and other requirements subscribed in relation to environmental aspects
  • monitor water quality to prevent and contain any pollution
  • adopting emergency procedures and advanced techniques to limit environmental pollution caused by accidental oil spills in the water
  • optimise collection and waste managemen procedurest, supporting initiatives and progressive reduction of waste sent for disposal and encouraging and improving recycling alternatives.
  • promoting of initiatives to improve the cultural heritage and environmental preservation of local regions through sustainable development.
  • train staff to familiarize them with the principles of environmental protection legislation and internal sustainability procedures
  • inform and raise awareness among users, third parties operating on the site and supplier to act in an environmentally-friendly manner and in compliance with environmental policy

The Company is committed to be open to the public about its environmental policy and explain it to all persons working for or working in site.


Adriatic Marina Services, as operator of Marina Porto Montenegro is committed to high quality customer service. We understand that our efforts affect the actual life experiences of our customers. For us, quality is fundamental to the ongoing success of the organisation. We will provide the same quality and exceptional service that we would expect to receive as customers. We will provide the atmosphere and environment that will improve the quality of life of our customers. Our main aim is to build long-term relationships with our clients in order to reach these goals. We have implemented international standard for quality ISO 9001:2008 to help achieve this and fulfill our vision to become the premier yachting home port and leisure destination in the Mediterranean.

In our endeavour to deliver exceptional service, we are committed to the following principles:

  • All our customers know they are important to us and their satisfaction is vital to the on-going success of the company.
  • We will endeavour to do all aspects of our work correctly from the outset and will exhaust all options available to us to remedy any situation that is deemed unsatisfactory by our guests.   
    We will dress and present ourselves in a professional manner and provide an environment that our customers are proud of and comfortable in.
  • We will never ignore a problem or complaint and will move quickly to solve all problems. We will treat our suppliers with the same respect and attention that we show our costumers. We will always be committed to improvement and will endeavour to build on good ideas, innovative thinking and our desire to succeed to add value to our work and our customers experience. 
  • We look to exceed expectations and seek to improve the satisfaction of our clients and partners

Visit the CSR page to see all the additional initiatives taking place at Porto Montenegro and within the local community. 

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