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Montenegro’s tourism strategy provides yacht-friendly legislation, offering some of the most favourable nautical benefits in Europe, whilst its outside EU position presents a powerful financial case for mooring a yacht here all year round. 


  • 9% company and capital gains tax (one of the lowest rates in Europe)
  • Only 7% VAT on marine-related services
  • 0% VAT on charters
  • Tax and duty-free fuel, up to 45% cheaper than retail price
  • Outside EU tax and import regulations


  • No restriction on pick-up and drop-off
  • Make multiple changes to guest and crew manifests
  • Ability for foreign vessels to remain in Montenegrin waters with no restriction on time
  • Vignette from €420 for 7 days, to €1500 for 1 year (yachts 24m+)
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