Porto Journal Autumn 2014

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An Interview with Regent Porto Montenegro Spa Manager

The Signature Regent Spa maintains a holistic approach to rejuvenation, providing wellness offerings from ancient traditions from around the world as well as modern equipment to nurture the mind and body into a sense of calm and tranquility. Here we talk to Spa Manager Mr Ketut Armana Adiana, the man charged with making the spa magic happen.

PM: Why should anyone visit the Regent Spa at Porto Montenegro during Autumn in your opinion?
KAA (Ketut Armana Adiana): Free from the bustle of the peak summer months, Montenegro becomes a tranquil place with fresh air and mild weather during the shoulder season. The unspoiled nature, peacefulness and mild, sunny weather make the Boka Bay an ideal spot for rejuvenation; our packages and treatments are designed to enhance this tranquility for our guests.
PM: Regent Spa also offers tailor made massages and treatments like the Regent Signature Massage. What does that involve?
KAA: Regent Signature Massage is a unique experience combining various massage techniques in one. It is a blend of Thai, Shiatsu, Swedish and Balinese massage and is designed to help promote blood circulation, releasing tensions in the body.
PM: What treatments would you recommend for this season in particular?
KAA: We have crafted a collection of spa experiences for autumn and winter months that suit everyone’s needs, whether you are visiting Regent from a nearby country or coming from the other side of the world. There is something for everyone, from classic spa treatments all the way to detoxifying 7-day spa programs. We are also able to create a tailor made spa package for individual customers.
PM: You spent three years working for the Regent Spa in Bali before moving to Montenegro. How are you implementing the Eastern spa philosophy to the Mediterranean location?
KAA: Montenegro is very rich in fresh ingredients such as mint leaf, cucumber, watermelon, olives, lemon and grapes. All of these are abundant in vitamin C which
is extremely healthy for the skin and body. With that in mind, we have created special treatments that use locally grown, fresh produce, including fruit facial treatments, energizing therapies and body cleansing with warm red wine.
PM: You have worked in various spas around the world including Oman, India, Kenya and Bali. What makes spa retreats at the Regent Hotels unique?
KAA: Our retreats encompass spa treatments, yoga, meditation and spa cuisine. This makes us a true oasis for nurturing, pampering, rejuvenating and reinvigorating your body and treating it as a temple, which is Regent spa philosophy.

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