Porto Journal Autumn 2014

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PM Resident Lepa Roskopp opens boutique in The Plaza, NY

The truly creative person searches for beauty and extracts the essence of it for their work. For Lepa Galeb Roskopp, founder and designer of Misahara, that means sourcing beauty wherever she travels but most especially places she calls home: South Africa, California and of course Porto Montenegro.
Spending the summer in Porto Montenegro with her family and friends allows her the opportunity to rejuvenate her creative senses and extract meaning and creativity from the bountiful elements that co-exist between nature’s canvases—a calming and soothing sea, the glowing warm sun, the blue skies and green grassy hillsides-- and her choice of metals, gemstones, shapes and colors.
This summer was especially exciting as Misahara opened its first exclusive boutique in Porto Montenegro. Complementing the view, the boutique interior is equally beautiful and as luxurious as the jewels it houses. The opening party welcomed Misahara’s closest friends and showcased the brand’s fine jewelry collections that are synonymous with luxury, quality and handcrafted elegance.
With the success of the Porto Montenegro boutique, Misahara is now opening a boutique in the Plaza Hotel in New York City. “We are thrilled to be opening a boutique in the Plaza Hotel in New York City. New York is a window to the world and establishing our boutique in one of the most iconic hotels in the world is both exciting and humbling,” Roskopp says.
Various new pieces are being crafted especially for the grand opening at the Plaza Hotel, some of which were conceptualized at Porto Montenegro, according to Roskopp. “Creating new artistic work is challenging but spending time in Porto Montenegro offers so much inspiration, it’s an opportunity to create with focus” she says.


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