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Interview: Priscilla Incisa Della Rocchetta of Italy's Sassicaia Wine Estate

Porto Montenegro and Berba d.o.o. recently hosted Priscilla Incisa della Rocchetta of Italy’s prestigious Tenuta San Guido wine estate. We sat down with Priscilla to hear her thoughts on Montenegro’s bourgeoning wine industry.

PJ: Priscilla, what brought you to Montenegro for this visit?

PIR: My family produces wine in Tuscany and we are represented in Montenegro by Berba; they invited me for a promotional trip and I was only too pleased to accept the offer.

PJ: Has the country lived up to your expectations?

PIR: Well actually, I wasn’t sure what to expect before I came. I had heard that Montenegro was a beautiful and expanding country but honestly the beauty I discovered here is much more than I ever imagined. Then of course there is the developing infrastructure and the friendliness of the local people that helped make me feel so welcomed, so overall a very positive impression, I would say.

PJ: What are your impressions of our marina village?

PIR: I had heard of this project because a cousin from Austria was working here and had spent some time in the area, so she told me all about it and I think it’s absolutely beautiful. I would encourage people from
all over Europe to come here and keep their boats here. It definitely exceeded my expectations.

PJ: What have been the highlights of your visit?

PIR: I liked the coast a lot but I also found the inland area around Podgorica very interesting. The scenery of the country as a whole is what
impressed me most. Montenegro has nature, good food and good wine, which will hopefully help the tourism grow.

PJ: Did you sample any local wines?
PIR: I sampled wines from several different wine-growing regions including Herceg Novi, Rogami, Crmnica, Skadar Lake and Ulcinj. We
also had a tour of the Plantaže wine estate. I had heard of Plantaže, but this was the first time I saw it with my own eyes. With over 2,300 acres
of vineyards, it is a truly beautiful winery. We tried both whites and reds there, including the Vranac and Krstač. I believe Montenegro must have the right kind of microclimate and soil to grow such grapes.

PJ: Where do you see the future of the wine industry in this country? Are you optimistic about it?

PIR: There is great potential in Montenegro because so many producers are experimenting with local grape varieties, which is a very positive development. In doing so they are promoting the image of Montenegro’s food and cultural excellence. It’s also about good marketing and promotion, however. The quality may be here but the local producers need to market their products better in the future. Hopefully with the development of international tourism that will start to become a more natural process for them.

The wines of Tenuta san Guido are available at Crush Wine Station in Porto Montenegro and tax-free for yachts via Berba wine provisioning:
www.berba.me or orders@berba.me

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