Porto Journal Summer 2016

PJ 605 X 400 Artem

A new PT in Town

There is a new personal trainer making a name for himself in Tivat; a Ukrainian strongman known simply as Artem is developing a reputation for his no-nonsense, results-oriented approach. Curious to know more, we caught up with him in between training sessions.

PJ: How long have you been working as a PT and what is your background in the fitness industry?

AS: I've been working as a personal trainer since 2012 focusing on bodybuilding, fitness and functional training. I also did 6 years of powerlifting, half of which were as a competitive athlete.

PJ: How long have you been in Montenegro and where were you based before that?

AS: I arrived here in 2014 and began coaching immediately. Before coming here I lived in Ukraine, my home country, where i studied to become a trainer. I am also a member of Dnepropetrovsk National Sport Federation Of Ukraine.

PJ: What are your personal characteristics as a coach? Are you more focused on mobility, or strength for example?

AS: Despite the fact that I have a professional background in powerlifting, very much a power sport obviously, I tailor my programs individually based on physiological data and may use elements of weight training, highintensity training and functional training, depending on the client.

PJ: From a health and fitness perspective, what are the advantages of living in the Bay of Kotor?

AS: I believe that the soft Montenegrin climate is very good for health because there are a lot of trees and therefore a positive environment in general. I do a lot of sea swimming and often go to the mountains. I also walk everywhere by foot here which replaces my cardio workout!

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