Porto Journal Summer 2016

PJ 605 X 400 Bread

Bread Bakery

Our aim in developing the retail offer at Porto Montenegro has always been a combination of two key beliefs, firstly that the high-end shopping ought to be the best in the region and, secondly, that a number of basic services were essential for any year-round village to function properly, such as a dry cleaners, florist and pharmacy. A bakery also falls into that latter category and we’re delighted to welcome the team from the brilliantly named BREAD to the village this summer.

This gluten-free bakery was founded on the conviction that the best bread is handmade and prepared every morning with passion using the finest natural ingredients possible. All of the products here are vegetarian and gluten-free, such as their sandwiches, dairy-free milkshakes and fresh juices, as well as pastries and vegan salads. As the evening restaurant selection in the village has been neatly rounded off with the arrival of Byblos this summer, so our take-away and snack offer is now looking drastically improved with the arrival of Bread. Drop in and give them both a try!

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