Porto Journal Summer 2016

PJ 605 X 400 Mead Carney

Mead Carney Gallery

The Mead Carney Gallery is back for another summer with two contemporary art exhibitions from US artist Robert Mars and British artist Harland Miller.

The Golden Age’ is a new series of artworks by highly acclaimed US artist Robert Mars. Chronicling his fascination with 1950s and 60s American iconography, Mars has produced a fascinating body of artwork from his studio in New York that celebrates the nostalgia and vintage glamour of an America long past, in a thoroughly modern and exquisitely constructed manner.

Robert Mars’s eye for a distinct facet of American modern history is impeccable and his ability to manipulate the colour and wordplay of vintage printed material referencing Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Stephen Shore and Richard Diebenkorn has earned the artist considerable attention and praise from major museums and institutions worldwide.

The gallery’s second exhibition of the season will be Harland Miller, ‘High On Hope’, the first exhibition of works in Porto Montenegro by critically acclaimed British writer and highly influential artist Harland Miller. Combining his use of humorously appropriated imagery from Penquin book titles, the exhibition comprises a selection of unique hand finished prints.

By combining the motif inherent in the Penguin book, Miller marries aspects of Pop Art, abstraction and figurative painting with his writer’s love of text. The ensuing images are humorous, sardonic and nostalgic. Miller continues to create work in this vein, expanding the book covers to include his own phrases, some hilarious and absurd, others with a lush melancholy.

For more info contact Mina Strugar, Gallery Manager, mina@meadcarney.com

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