Porto Journal Summer 2016

PJ 605 X 400 Clubhouse

The Clubhouse V2.0

We sat down with Al Hales of The Clubhouse, our village bar, crew club and all-day hangout to hear about their move to a bigger, brighter location at the Tivat waterfront entrance to the marina.

PJ: Al, you’ve been involved in Porto Montenegro for a while now, from your perspective ‘on the ground’, dealing with crew every day, how have you seen the scene develop over the years?

AH: From a ground level the number of crew has increased over the years. With the addition of new restaurants and retailers, the village has become more vibrant and a better place for crew to interact. Innovations like the Porto Montenegro Crew Club have made it easier to connect with crew for upcoming events inside and outside the village, creating a more interconnected social fabric in the marina.

PJ: What are the advantages of The Clubhouse’s new location?

AH: There are many advantages to our location. Mainly the size is much bigger allowing us to seat more people, install better amenities like our pool table and darts areas, and create more room for a dance floor. Having enough space for different zones allows us to create various different atmospheres, so you can be in full party mode inside while others are chilling on the terrace in a lounge setting. It all fits together harmoniously too.

PJ: If someone was only in town for a few days over summer, what would be your top tips for enjoying the area? AH: First, come say hi for a drink! Take in the good vibes and get the latest tips from my staff. Then rent a boat and get out on the water. You haven’t seen Montenegro until you see it from the Bay of Kotor at sunset.

PJ: What do you anticipate being the highlights of the 2016 summer season for The Clubhouse?

AH: My personal highlight will be watching how my customers interact with our new space and design. Learning how to better serve our customers and create new ways to generate business has always been a passion of mine. From the bar’s perspective, running our summer program with DJ’s, bands, theme parties and competitions is always a highlight in The Clubhouse.

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