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Fully supported by the Government of Montenegro’s elite tourism strategy, Porto Montenegro has become the catalyst in the recent renaissance of the country's coastline.

With three international airports, yacht-friendly legislation and an enviable reputation as one of the fastest growing tourism hotspots in the Mediterranean, Montenegro's favorable economic and political climate is now attracting the attention of international investors both large and small.


• Currency - Euro 
• No Foreign Exchange control 
• International Accounting Standards 
• Principal business entities 
• Company residence benefits 
• Corporate tax on capital gains is 9% • 9% withholding tax on dividends and interest 
• VAT is 19% 
• 7% is levied on the supply of certain goods and services 
• Inhertiance/estate tax is 3% 
• Real property tax is from 0.1% to 1%.
• Transfer tax on immovable property is 3%                                                   • Montenegro has signed an agreement on prevention of double taxation with 41 countries. More info can be found on


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