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Rowing Sessions

The Boka Bay is perfect for Sculling requiring flat tranquil water, and is ideal early in the morning in the Summer or Winter. With a choice of a Single or Double, the ‘Swift Racing’ boats are light and agile on the water, offering a rewarding experience once the basics of balancing and the technique of sculling have been mastered.

Alternatively we have the ‘Wherry’ boats (the gentleman’s rowing boat) which has better stability and is good for learning. Whichever boat is chosen, it can be a lovely experience out on the water surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the bay.’

Day and Time:

Wednesdays 8am – 10:30am
Saturdays 8am – 10am

Sculling at the PMYC Sailing Squadron:

Every Wednesday and Saturday. Introductory fee €15 for non-members and €10 for
members. Wherry boats are open to all, free to members and a cost of €20 for non-members.

The Sculls are only available to members and are free of charge. 

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