Tax Free Provision

Tax-free provisioning made easier

Under regulations introduced last year, boats visiting Porto Montenegro are eligible for expanded allowances when buying tax-free wine and spirits. When provisioning locally, boats are permitted an allowance for each day they remain in Montenegro, and an additional allowance on departure. By contrast, when provisioning from overseas, boats are only permitted to receive tax-free goods on departure up to a maximum of 2 litres per person.

To ensure that boats get everything they need at the best possible price, Porto Montenegro offers excellent provisioning services for a wide range of champagne, fine wine and alcoholic beverages. A climate-controlled warehouse, custom-designed for wine storage, maintains over 60,000 bottles in ideal conditions.

The warehouse is located only 500 meters from the marina, which means that late-arriving preference sheets or last-minute orders are easily managed. In addition, a fleet of three dedicated vehicles, and 24-hour customs services, means that you can have your wine delivery whenever it is most convenient for you. Customs-related fees for local tax-free deliveries are extremely low: only €45. This represents a huge savings compared to foreign customs fees and, of course, the cost of air freight. A full-colour catalogue, with bottle images, tasting notes and food pairing suggestions, is available in the Marina Office and may be downloaded in electronic form from starting in May.

For more information, contact:

Phone: +382 67 423 722 (English)
Phone: +382 67 333 855 (Montenegrin)


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