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Un'Ambulanza di emergenza adesso nel villaggio PM

We are pleased to announce that Porto Montenegro now has an onsite emergency ambulance service for residents and marina guests. Located on Town Quay (Jetty 3), the ambulance is equipped with the most advanced medical equipment and a team of paramedics from private polyclinic Filipovic who are on-call 24/7.

The Porto Montenegro ambulance will provide emergency care within 15 minutes from time of call and will transport patients to nearest specialist hospital. We met Dr Mladen Filipovic to give us more information.

PM: How will the ambulance operate? 
Mladen Filipovic: The ambulance service will provide emergency medical care to Porto Montenegro residents, guests and employees. Our duty in Porto Montenegro is to make sure we are with the patient in shortest possible time, to provide the necessary help and transport of the patient to the nearest specialist hospital. Alongside a well-equipped ambulance, we have also secured a great team of paramedics who are all English speaking.

PM: Tell us about your medical experience?
MF: My personal experience in hospital and emergency management as well as the experience of my team in providing these services is the main reason why we started this project with Adriatic Marinas. I come from a family with a strong medical background, my father was a surgeon whilst my mother and brother are both General Practitioners. We founded the private hospital Filipovic Polyclinic, about 25 years ago which is now the trusted hospital of the Austrian and US embassies in Montenegro.

I’m a specialized radiologist, trained in providing care in both emergency and preventive medicine. I was educated in a Military Medical Academy in Belgrade where I studied medicine and radiology. During the early 90s, I acquired significant experience in managing emergency transport of patients by helicopter and medical aircraft. I have implemented this experience with my team at the Filipovic Polyclinic so we can offer this service to our patients when needed.

We will be in touch shortly to help arrange your medical insurance in line with the service and provide you with the emergency number.

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