PM Yacht Club Blu26

PMYC - at the helm of the infamous blu26

PMYC has recently acquired four blu26 Match Race boats designed by world-renowned yacht designer and naval architect, Christian Bollinger. With the large majority of these competitive boats gracing the waters of St. Moritz as part of the World Match Racing Tour, they will now be a welcome sight on the Porto Montenegro waters and just in time for the season’s first Match Race.

The blu26, an impressive 8metres long, boasts sleek, clean-cut lines, defining simplicity with a timeless elegance – securing itself as a popular racing vessel amongst the yachting community.  Originally created for lake sailing, the blu26 will find Montenegro’s mild climate, with its gentle waters and light winds, an excellent location in which to enjoy the best race conditions.

A firm favourite amongst sailing schools worldwide, the blu26 is easy-to-use and increasingly in demand amongst yachtsman for their superior agility and stability. For experienced crew members, a minor tweak to sail trimmings will provide a thoroughly enjoyable sailing experience.  Blu26 racing allows teams to compete using different boats whilst challenging the sailors on skills and tactics. The boats usually allow four crew members, although they can be sailed single or double-handed.

Porto Montenegro Yacht Club will host its own Match Race to start the season, scheduled for March 23rd-25th, 2012. With a first prize of €400 plus champagne, and a second prize of €200, this will prove a popular and fun event for the PMYC and give a great opportunity to see these boats at their very best.  With the summer approaching, the blu26 will become a regular racing fixture at Porto Montenegro.

Montenegro has also recently become a member of the Ocean Racing Council (ORC), gaining recognised certification for competitive sailing. The ORC were highly impressed with the standards available for competitive racing at Porto Montenegro and there have been talks regarding possible plans to develop off-shore racing in the future. 

With an official ratings system in place, this well-regarded membership will introduce a new level of competitive sailing for Porto Montenegro Yacht Club, an area previously underdeveloped in Montenegro. Such membership will allow a handicap system to be instigated – a necessity to equalize the boats and crews at all levels. The end result should be a true test of each sailor's skill.

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