Spring At The NHC

Spring at the NHC

Located on the north end of the site, the Naval Heritage Collection preserves the rich nautical history of the Bay of Kotor with a dynamic exhibition of artefacts and momentos. This summer, the NHC will host an array of educational and cultural exhibitions to further share the story of the region's remarkable history with both locals and international visitors alike. 

On the 17th of April a quiz day will commerce, when high school students from the local community will gather in the museum to test their knowledge on two of the region's navy heroes, Milan Spasić & Sergej Mašera. From May 1st, a special exhibition will include historic yachts, sailboats, motor boats and other vessels which play an important role in the eastern Adriatic's yachting story, with accompanying artifacts such as original construction drawings, photos, dishes and ship logs. Of particular interest will be items related to one of the most storied vessels in the region. Named Ossero, Dalmat, Vila or Istranka (depending on the owner at the time), the yacht was owned by some of the most prominent names, including Archduke Franz Ferdinand, King Alexander of Yugoslavia and president Tito. Franz Ferdinand used this yacht on his trip to Sarajevo, where he was assassinated. His remains were later transported by the same boat. 

Queen Maria’s yacht “Danica”, the King’s yacht “Beli Orao”, and the sailboat ”Crnogorka” (winner of many Adriatic regattas), will also be a part of this exhibition – surely a must see this coming May.

For more information on the NHC or upcoming events, visit the NHC page or contact

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