Pirate Ship

Pirate ship - the new nautical playground

The Pirate Ship for kids opened to a great turnout on Saturday, March 31st, in Porto Montenegro Village.

A nautical playground adjacent to the Tivat town entrance to Porto Montenegro opened to the public this past weekend attracting a 100-strong crowd of all ages. Younger guests were able to explore the many passages, ladders and slides of this fine pirate ship while parents watched nearby on the padded rubber flooring that now covers the entire playground area.

Nine year old local Tara Petrovic was chosen to cut the ribbon with Oliver Corlette, Managing Director of Porto Montenegro and Mr Miodrag Kankaras, the Mayor of Tivat. Following the ribbon cutting ceremony, the local dance troupe named Bellisima, along with colourful clowns, then entertained the crowd with dancing, balloons, popcorn, cotton candy and refreshments.

A local photographer captured the kids playing “sailors-and-captains" – an impromptu game inspired by the new playground. Another group of children participated in acompetition of fishing for treats out of a fabricated “pond".

The ship is topped by a Porto Montenegro flag and sits between the marina and the town centre, next to the Teuta residential building, making it easily accessible to the children of Tivat town and families visiting the area.

So come along and see for yourself, there's nothing wrong with a brief return to childhood!

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