Interview With Al Hales

Interview with Al Hales

An interview with Al Hales, Co-owner of The Clubhouse, Porto Montenegro’s favorite bar. This is the story of how a roaming Australian from Sydney eventually decided to settle down in Tivat. PM: How did you end up in Montenegro? AH: It was actually by chance, my plan was to work on a boat and save up enough to open a bar in New York with my brother. I was in the South of France and landed a job on Golden Eagle [Peter Munk’s private yacht] , we eventually cruised down to Montenegro in August 2010 with the plan to berth here for the winter. PM: So why did you choose Tivat over NY? AH: I made some great connections with the people here and saw an opportunity to open the first international bar in a marina with so much potential. Plus I can’t complain about the great weather and lifestyle! PM: What aspect of your bar are you most proud of? AH: I guess it's that we were able to create something for everyone, the bar attracts yacht crew and expats, as well as locals. We put on all sorts of events and parties that seem to keep people from all walks of life happy. Also as Sydneysiders we wanted to create a Sydney-style bar, I am proud we didn't stray too far from our roots in that respect. PM: How long are you planning to stay? AH: At the moment we are thinking about opening a sushi restaurant in the marina. As lovers of sushi we have found Montenegro is somewhat lacking and think it is a service that should be provided! We also have other ideas brewing for the future but you will have to get back to me on that. So I would say I see myself staying here indefinitely as I still have a lot more that I want to accomplish in Montenegro.  

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