Submarine Hero

Five thousand visitors explored submarine "Hero"

From July until the end of September more than five thousand visitors took the opportunity to view the P-821 submarine known as “Hero". This magnificent vessel has been completely restored to its original form, and has attracted worldwide attention.  

Visitors were given the opportunity to stand at the helm of this submarine and to look through its periscope. Historical stories were recounted, including how twenty-eight submariners kept memoirs of their unpredictable life on this Yugoslav vessel whilst deep in the ocean.

“Hero" is an impressive 50.4 meters long, 4.7 meters wide and 9.75 meters high. This retired warship weighs 706 tons and was launched on 21st August 1967, in a shipyard in Split.

During its 23 years in service, “Hero" charted 726 days of navigation, 910 dives and moved a total of 46,659 nautical miles, the equivalent of two voyages around the globe!  In 1991 it was removed from the waters onto the Tivat shore.

In October and November, the most frequent visitors of the submarine are pupils from primary and secondary schools in Montenegro and whole region.

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