Porto Journal Spring 2014


Montenegro - An emerging golf destination

As the Boka Bay lifestyle development boom picks up pace there are early signs of a nascent golfing culture popping up to cater to the whims of expatriate residents but present and future.

There is very little tradition of golf in Montenegro although the Grand Duchess Milica Romanoff opened a golf club in Cetinje as early as 1906, only to have her attempts at introducing the new sport foiled by the onset of war.

The country may lack much of a golfing history but its genetic make-up is well suited to a long golf season from April through to late October thanks to the clement weather conditions. Already several topographically suitable locations have been identified for development offering untouched natural landscapes and dramatic settings, especially in the Boka Bay.

Located between Porto Montenegro marina and the Boka Group’s Sea Breeze villa development, the Royal Montenegro Golf & Country Club is being designed by Steve Marnosh and is due for completion by 2016. On the other side of the peninsula meanwhile, Lustica’s 18-hole Gary Player designed golf course is in planning with Orascom development and is due to open 2016.

These new courses will add significant value to the area and provide further incentives for lifestyle and corporate group visits during the shoulder seasons of April-May and September-October. Montenegro has shown the rest of the region that it means business in the nautical sector and now, just possibly, it has a chance to do something similar with golf.

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