Adriatic 42

A Floating dock for the world’s largest yachts refit arrives in Bijela

Bijela, 24 June – Adriatic 42, a consortium consisting of Adriatic Marinas – Porto Montenegro and Drydocks World – Dubai, obtained a floating dock at the former shipyard in Bijela for yacht servicing and repair.

The spectacular dock, which arrived in Montenegro from the renowned Turkish Hat-San Shipyard, is the first and most essential requirement for the outset of superyacht overhaul and maintenance.

According to the Chairman of Adriatic 42, Capt. Rado Antolović, PhD, the advent of the floating dock is a momentous date for both the Bay of Kotor and the entire country of Montenegro.

“It is a facility that will certainly transform Montenegro’s position on the global yachting map. It is a million-dollar new generation 180-by-37-meter floating dock with a 10,000-ton lift capacity that can accommodate the world’s largest yachts. In addition to the dock and other expenditures, we have acquired a new travel hoist with a 720-ton capacity, the largest of its kind in the region. So far, we have invested 40 million euros to the project in order to fulfil our main objective: to lay the foundations for the rebirth of the shipbuilding and overhaul industry in a completely new, sustainable way,” said Chairman of Adriatic 42, Capt. Rado Antolović, PhD.

Antolović further stated that Adriatic 42 shareholders and management are committed to completing the first phase of the unique Mega Yacht Repair & Maintenance facility by the end of the year.

“I would like to highlight the support we received from Montenegrin President Milo Đukanović and Montenegrin Prime Minister Dritan Abazović, who recognised the significance of the project, which is a major milestone in yacht servicing and repair and will complete our offering to yacht owners,” said Capt. Rado Antolović.

CEO of Adriatic 42, Paul John Gray explains that launching a project of this magnitude demands the involvement of many professionals from both Montenegro and abroad.

“There are currently over twenty people from Montenegro working on the project, and that number will continue to steadily increase. Our objective is to provide opportunities for many local experts in a variety of sectors to share their knowledge and expertise with the community. We are fully aware of the Bijela Shipyard’s legacy, which is why we will pool our expert resources to collectively transform this area and restore it to its former glory. Besides, we have already established partnerships with a number of local contractors, who will also be a part of Montenegro’s remarkable tale,” said Gray.

Adriatic 42 places a high priority on environmental protection, since new and modern technology will allow for more energy-efficient business practises and the smart use of alternative energy sources in accordance with the highest environmental and safety regulations to prevent pollution.

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